Electional Astrology: One of the features that are included in Kepler version 7. This research feature in Kepler allows you to see a graph of an upcoming time period for one chart or for the transiting planets in the sky. This allows you to pick the best date for an athletic performance, business success, accident proneness, etc. by simply looking at the graph. You can also create your own category. Select as many categories as you want in one printout.
Electional Forecast (Transit-to-Transit) Regular Format viewed on the screen.
Categories Selected: Business Success and Goodluck and optimism

Electional Forecast (Transit-to-Transit) 3D Format viewed on the screen

You can also view score details of specific date or all of the dates listed on the graph.
Sample shown below:


Dec 5, 2004 Tran-to-Tran
3.00 Points, Tran Sun sxt Tran Jup, Orb = 0°15'
TOTAL= 3.00 points

Dec 6, 2004 Tran-to-Tran
1.55 Points, Tran Sun sxt Tran Jup, Orb = 0°37'
TOTAL= 1.55 points

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