M. Temple Richmond:

M. Temple Richmond is an astrological consultant with 25 years of experience serving the material and spiritual interests of individuals and businesses. She specializes in identifying profitable times for investing, purchasing real estate, making market trades, establishing new business entities, and in selecting advantageous time intervals for signing important documents, holding interviews or meetings, making presentations, or for holding workshops and seminars. She is an experienced money manager who has profitably managed her own financial resources on the basis of planetary pair theory and personal transit indications, recently doubling her money in a stock trade while the broader market was at plateau. Richmond is also an esoteric astrologer in the tradition of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan. For purposes of business analysis, she uses the standard methods of exoteric astrology, some of which are mentioned above. For matters concerning discipleship and initiation, she uses the esoteric system of Bailey and the Tibetan.

M. Temple Richmond has been actively involved in all aspects of astrological study and practice for over 25 years. A consulting astrologer since the late 70s, she is also an internationally recognized scholar of the esoteric astrological system advocated by the books of Alice A. Bailey, as well as a presenter on a broad array of topics at metaphysical conferences and in academic venues. Richmond is the author of Sirius, a scholarly study of the influence of that important fixed star as viewed through the Alice Bailey literature, Egyptian religion and the classical mystery teachings of antiquity. Sirius is distributed worldwide by the following distributors: New Leaf of Atlanta, Lucis Publishing Co. of New York City, Lucis Publishing of London, and Sydney Goodwill of Sydney, Australia.

Richmond holds a B.A. in English from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and has been inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, a national academic honor society. She is a 1951 Sagittarius Sun with Aquarius rising, born December 8 at 10:34 AM CST in Texarkana, Arkansas. The state of North Carolina has been Richmond's home for over 20 years; she maintains a special interest in the connection of the city of Raleigh to Sir Walter Raleigh and Francis Bacon's literary circle, together with the progressive ideas which emanated from that milieu and which figured in the founding of the Carolinas, the Virginias, and ultimately, the United States. On this topic, Richmond presents local workshops entitled "The Secret Tradition of Raleigh," which bring together history, mystery teachings, and astrological indications to highlight the role of the Raleigh area in the emerging Age of Aquarius.

For consultation by e mail, phone, cassette tape, or in person, write Temple at or call (919) 676 - 1709

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