Marc Penfield


Marc is a full-time practicing astrologer in California, author of several astrology books and hundreds of articles, an international speaker, and a data collector and researcher. He is a major contributor to the database of charts contained in Kepler.

Marc Penfield was born in Chicago. He developed an early love of astrology and geography which he has blended with this knowledge of astrology.

Marc was a travel agent for over 20 years and a cataloguer for a used bookstore where he gained considerable bits of data which he uses in his books. Marc is now a full time astrologer and he divides his time between his home practice and his office in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Marc is the author of the following books:

  • An astrological Who's Who (1972)
  • America, An Astrological Portrait (1976)
  • The Nadi System of Rectification (1977)
  • The Penfield Data Collection (1978)
  • Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere (1984)
  • Bon Voyage (1992)
  • Solar Returns in Your Face (1996)
  • Stars Over England (1996)
  • Horoscopes of the US & Cananda (1996)

Marc Penfield was the first treasurer of the ISAR (1976) and in 2005 received a lifetime service award from ISAR at their convention in Chicago. Marc has also written hundreds of articles for Mercury Hour, Aspects, Welcome to Planet Earth, The Mountain Astrologer, and the Monthly Review which is published in Australia.


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