Supernatural Investigator: It's In The Stars
by Vision TV
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Vision TV is a Canadian television station that offers outstanding documentaries, investigations, and explorations of issues in religion and politics, movies, arts and entertainment shows.

One exciting series offered byVision TV is called Supernatural Investigator. Topics such as reincarnation and psychic abilities are investigated in an intelligent, critical, and open style. One of the shows was on astrology and was titled “It’s In The Stars”. With the very kind permission of Vision TV, we have uploaded this show here. It is in four parts. This beautiful, informative, professionally done show is eye-opening for believers in astrology, skeptics of astrology, and even astrologers.

We have divided the show into four sections and have briefly described the topics and featured people in each of these segments below.  Each segment is 5 to 6 minutes in length and the entire show is a little over 22 minutes in length.

Click the link below to view that segment of the show; each segment is 5 – 6 minutes in length:

Part 1: The Mystery and History of Astrology. Features Nicholas Campion

Part 2: Popular Astrology and Business Astrology. Features Shelley Von Strunckel and Christeen Skinner

Part 3: Health Issues and Relocational Astrology. Features Diane Cramer and Bob Marks

Part 4: Scientific astrology. Features David Cochrane

Again, our thanks to Vision TV for allowing us to upload the show here, and we congratulate them for the excellent job that they have done in creating this show.

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