Tips & Tricks


All of our programs have many cool features that you might have not discovered yet. Below are some tips and tricks for you on how to use a few of these features.

Win*Star Pro 90 Degree Dial

by Laura DesJardins23 Minutes Win*Star Pro 90 Degree Dial Video

This video of the 90 Degree Dial by Laura DesJardins describes how she integrates midpoints into the birth chart analysis. In this video she distills key points from her life-long work with midpoints. Her use of midpoints takes astrological forecasting to a completely new level. In this video we learn how to use this technique to obtain accurate and helpful insights into a person’s future. Laura’s wish is that you benefit from this information and that you can apply it to your own astrological interpretations. Laura uses Win*Star Pro version 6 to apply this interpretive technique. With her kind permission, this video has been added to the Win*Star Tutorials youtube page. You can also contact Laura directly if you want to learn more about this method. Her email address is her phone number is +1-714-612-7335. If you want to purchase the software, you can also purchase it from her. She is a registered Cosmic Patterns distributor located in California, USA

Laura also wrote a book on this technique called the Midpoint Keys: A Guide to Conscious Awareness through Astrological Midpoints. The book can be purchased from Amazon. Simply search for this title or contact Laura directly. She also authored the Win*Writer Report Midpoint Keys, which can be purchased from Midpoint Keys Report page.


Relocation Astrology in Kepler and Sirius

by David Cochrane24 Minutes Relocation Astrology in Keplers and Sirius Video

How to use the Treasure Maps feature in the Kepler and Sirius astrology programs. An explanation of how Treasure Maps are produced and how you can use the Explanation of Treasure Maps feature to help interpret Treasure Maps.


Electional Forecast

by David Cochrane32 Minutes Electional Forecast Video

How the Electional Astrology Graph feature in the Sirius 3.0 astrology software is used to see what candidates running for an office need to do to become elected. In this video we learn about key issues involved in Joe Biden’s selection his Vice President running mate. This video was made a few days before Biden announced his selection.