New in Version 4
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The atlas of cities is bigger
Pegasus 4 has the same atlas of cities and towns that Kepler has!

More Wheels
Pegasus 4 also has TriWheels, QuadWheels, and a TriWheel Animation. Earlier versions of Pegasus had BiWheels only. There are also some new wheel styles, such as some medieval wheel styles which have features like a table of essential dignities.

The Avalon Lessons are now included
These 47 lessons include quizzes and other helpful tools to help you master astrological concepts.

Now included are midpoint trees
You can select whether you wish to include squares, semisquares and sesquiquadrates, 16th harmonic sapects, and the trine or sextile in midpoint trees. You can also produce synastry midpoint trees; these are midpoint trees formed between two charts.

You can also now produce a listing of basic aspect patterns like grand trines, t-squares and yods, add unlimited notes, etc.

There are other new features and we are just summarizing some of the more important ones here.

With features like medieval wheels and midpoint structures, the larger atlas, and the Avalon lessons, Pegasus is now more powerful and flexible than ever. And with the ability to upgrade to Kepler and Sirius, you can add the tremendous power of these programs with the same beautiful design and ease of use that you are accustomed to.