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David Cochrane MA
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David Cochrane, MA

David Cochrane is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, and the co-founder of the Avalon School of Astrology. He is the lead programmer of the Pegasus, Kepler, and Sirius programs. He is also the author of the two books "Astrology for the 21st Century", and "AstroLocality Magic". He also co-authored the book "Vibrational Astrology Interpreting Aspects" with Linda Berry.

David wrote the Major Life Themes Report, Harmonic Highlight, AstroLocality Report, and the Environment Therapy Report.

David received a MA Degree from the University of Florida with a major in Research and Evaluation Methods. His BA degree major was psychology. He was a practicing astrologer in the mid 1970's and switched to computer programming in the late 1970's. He still practices astrology at the present time in special cases.

David is a well known speaker in astrological community and astrological conferences. His lectures are well attended and well received.

David pioneered some new theories of astrological interpretation using harmonics and midpoints in the 1970's, which have evolved into Vibrational Astrology, a new system of evidence-based astrology.

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