Published date: January 28, 2013
Free Online Software Tutorials!

Big News! Free tutorials on Sirius software are now available. In just a few weeks we uploaded 11 videos. Each video is about a half hour in length. Over the coming months we are hoping to find time to upload dozens more of these videos. This is enormously important and exciting because Kepler and Sirius are fabulously easy to use and are enormously powerful and flexible, but you may be using only a small fraction of the power of the programs.

Whether you are rather clumsy in your ability to use computer software or you are a computer guru, it is easy to miss many of the spectacular features that are available. The Help system in Kepler and Sirius is very detailed but there is nothing like being shown how the software works.

These videos are like having the world's leading expert of our software right there with you showing you how it works. And it is free! * One of the unique features of Kepler and Sirius is the breadth of features. From the very basics of getting chart wheels to the most sophisicated and "exotic" features in Vedic astrology, Huber astrology, symmetrical astrology, harmonic astrology, classical astrology, Hellenistic astrology (and the list continues seemingly endlessly, our software delivers features that often are not included in expensive software that is dedicated to just one of these areas of astrology.

What if you want to use features in Sirius in an area of astrology that you know little about? The Avalon lessons that are included in the software might help. An Internet search might help. The AstroEncyclopedia and the Help included with the software might help. Well, now we have the biggest help of all: Online videos that do much more than teach how to use Kepler and Sirius. The videos teach you about the astrological theory as well. And its' free, whether you own our software or not.

More astrologers and students of astrology tell us that they are amazed by our software, and also amazing is that many astrologers seem to be unaware of the features that are available. In fact, there are so many practical and useful features, as mentioned above, you may not even be aware of many of them. The secret of the power and ease of use of Kepler and Sirius is no longer a secret. Now anyone with a computer and Internet connection can watch these fascinating videos on general topics like an introduction to Sirius to specific topics like introductions to primary directions and harmonic astrology. In short, more people can now have access to clear and helpful information about an important resource that can help them with their astrological services and business, astrological studies, or astrological research.

For links to all tutorials that have are currently available, visit: Tutorials Page.


BEST PLACES REPORT by David Cochrane

The Best Places Report does something amazingly simple and powerful: it tells you which towns and cities are best for the area of life you are most interested in. For now, this report is compatible only with the Sirius program. We expect to have it working with Kepler by March 1. For more details, visit: Best Places Report.


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