Published date: June ??, 2012


First of all, Happy Summer to All of you!

There are 4 parts in this newsletter:
    Part I: New Release of Sirius version 1.3
    Part II: Software Sale
    Part III: Online Astrology Classes Starts September, 2012
    Part IV: Free Astrology Seminar Live Online by David Cochrane


Last week we attended the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in New Orleans. We met many of you, learned a great deal about new developments in astrology, and got lots of ideas on directions for our software in the future.

The great breadth of calculations provided in Kepler and Sirius is being used by many astrologers. For example, in Bill Meridian's lecture on eclipses he emphasized that Sirius provides the features he needs. Another example is a lecture given by Ben Dykes in which he described a form of primary directions known as circumambulations with a feature he refers to as partner planets, and this calculation is also in Sirius. We are constantly working to keep up with new ideas that astrologers are developing.

We also observed ways that lecturers can improve presentations with features already in Kepler and Sirius, and we have already added some features that customers brought to our attention at the trade show booth. Astrology continues to grow and we are growing with it.

NEW RELEASE: New: Sirius 1.3! At UAC we released Sirius 1.3. There are some exciting features, like an expanded atlas that has nearly 1 million places.

New Features of Sirius 1.3

  1. Expanded Atlas and Database of Famous People:
    The number of cities has increased from about 350,000 in Sirius 1.2 to over 900,000 places in Sirius 1.3. Note that the commonly used ACS Atlas in most astrology software has about 260,000 places. The ACS Atlas is comprehensive for the United States, but is missing significant towns and cities with tens of thousands of people in some countries.
    The number of charts in the database of famous people has been expanded to be over 80,000 in Sirius 1.3.
  2. Parallels and contra-parallels in geocentric latitude and heliocentric latitude can now be included in interpretations, AstroSignatures and AstroSignature Forecasts.
  3. New AstroMap Feature:
    An AstroMap with the "Just Lines" format with the In Mundo selection can now have the midpoints to the Ascendant be parallels of altitude, which means that one planet is above the horizon by the same amount the other planet is below the horizon. This is a true in mundo midpoint to the Asc. This feature was also added to Sirius 1.2 in mid March, 2012 so owners of Sirius 1.2 also now have this feature as well, and can get this feature by installing the free update to Sirius 1.2 if they purchased Sirius 1.2 before mid March.
  4. Direct Distance Composite:
    In most astrological work, the zodiac positions of the planets are used and the distance between planets is measured along the ecliptic plane rather than directly between the two planets. Some astrologers are now using direct distance measurement, or, in other words, the actual distance between planets. In Sirius 1.3 you can now produce a composite chart that is based on measuring the angular distances directly between the two planets rather than measured along the ecliptic plane.
  5. Improved Harmonic Highlights Report:
    The Harmonic Highlights Report is a report included in both Kepler and Sirius. It is written by David Cochrane and it provides brief interpretations of minor aspects in the chart. In Sirius 1.3 the Harmonic Highlights Report also provides brief interpretations of planetary pictures, which are combinations of four planets in a symmetrical pattern called isosceles trapezoid. David Cochrane icon this name Isosceles trapezoid for 4 planets combinations.
  6. Kepler WorkShop (KWS):
    Save the Transit Text Listing in RTF format. The KWS main window is now movable and re-sizable, and graphs automatically adjust to the control size. Also, the Business Manager Clients Database ca be exported to Excel-importable plain text, and tab-separated file. The Chakra Text window displays the data for currently selected varga. Previously it was always for Rasi. Shad Bala is not affected by that much because it already uses 1, 4, 7 and 9 harmonics and some other than planetary positions factors.
  7. Eclipse Map:
    Names of cities are now displayed. Turn them on/off in Preferences
  8. Export data for three related charts.
    This feature was added for a research project which compared the chart of the batter in a baseball game to the transits at the time of the game and to the pitcher of the game in which the batter hit a home run. In this research project it is hypothesized that the performance of the batter is affected by the transits at the time of the game and the chart of the opposing pitcher. This is an intuitively reasonably assumption and the ability to export the three related charts for use in a statistical analysis software is a helpful advanced feature for researchers.
  9. Ability to select specific planets in the Asteroids Map.
  10. Kinetic Returns:
    Added solar and lunar returns to the progressed chart, which are known as kinetic returns by some astrologers.


The sale continues! At UAC Sirius was on sale for $100 off the regular price of $650. We are continuing the sale and Sirius is available for $550 until December 31, 2012. An increasing number of astrologers and students of astrology are excited about the breadth of features in Sirius and this discounted price was very much appreciated at UAC. They are thrilled to have finally decided to purchase Sirius. You may want to let your friends and colleagues know about this sale price.

Many of you also requested that we extend the sale on upgrade prices to Sirius. The sale price for upgrades to Sirius as well as for some books, etc. are also extended to December 31, 2012 (rather than ending on May 30). The upgrade prices are given below.

UPGRADE SALE PRICES: Upgrade to Sirius 1.3 ($100-$250 off retail price)

  • Upgrade from Pegasus: $500 (regular price, $600)
  • Upgrade from Kepler DOS version: $475 (regular price, $575)
  • Upgrade from Kepler 3.0 - 4.3: $425 (regular price, $525)
  • Upgrade from Kepler 4.5 - 4.7: $375 (regular price, $475)
  • Upgrade from Kepler 5.0 - 6.0: $325 (regular price, $425)
  • Upgrade from Kepler 7.0: $250 (for customer numbers up to 13687, regular price, $400)
  • Upgrade from Kepler 70: $300 (for customer numbers 13688 and higher, regular price, $400)

Click here to purchase your upgrade or click on the "Sale" image above.


  • Asteroid Signature by Jacob Schwartz: $100 (regular price, $200)
    Note: 38,000 Asteroids CDs required when purchasing this program)
  • 38,000 Asteroids CDs: $100 (regular price, $150)
  • ArtWheel Pastel Collection: $150 (regular price, $200)
  • 13 Hours Audio Harmonic DVD: $60 (regular price, $75)

10% off: Purchase $650 worth of Report Options with * on the price page that are not on sale to get a 10% discount. Regular discount was on purchase of $750 or more.

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We will be giving a free astrology seminar online in August. David will demonstrate features of Sirius that can help you improve your consultations and lectures. If there are topics or areas of the software that you would like him to discuss, you can send us an email and let us know what interests you. To register for this seminar, simply send us an email along with your complete name, address, phone, and email address and request that your name be added to the list of attendees. Note that we do not share our mailing list to other compnaies. Actual seminar date will be announced in a separate newsletter that will be emailed in the first week of July.

If you have any questions or concern about this newsletter, please let us know.


All of us here at Cosmic Patterns Software wish you all a beautiful summer season!