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American Astrology Magazine - April 2000 issue
Cosmic Patterns Review

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COSMIC PATTERNS has long been the source of the finest astrological reports in the world. For over thirteen years, astrologers have been able to create their own natal, synastry, and forecast reports easily and effectively using the calculation program using the calculation program Kepler. Many astrologers have used it to produce reports that Cosmic Patterns later made available to the public, thus creating the largest body of interpretive reports available anywhere.

It is not, however, the variety and quantity of reports that is most outstanding, but their quality. Many of the reports are the best in their class. Astrologer Gina Ronco has produced many excellent reports including the Basic and Advanced Forecast Reports ($200 & $250, the latter interpreting transits to and from the asteroids and Chiron and to midpoints) which are exceptional at delineating transits, the Compatibility Report ($200) a truly superb synastry report, the Karmic Insight Report ($125) which offers the only birth chart interpretation using past life themes that I would recommend, and the Flower Essence & Gem report ($150), which not only does a wonderful job looking at issues in birth charts, but also suggests remedial measures.

To run any Cosmic Patterns report, are used to have to first purchase the Kepler ($300) calculation program. For those who already owned a professional charting program, or who are on a tight budget, Cosmic Patterns has kindly introduced Pegasus ($100), a much simpler calculation program that will run any of the report programs, and will produce natal composite, Solar and Lunar Return, Progressed, and relocated charts and transit-to-natal and progressed -to-natal hit lists. Pegasus also includes the Cosmo Natal, Cosmo Compatibility, Cosmo Forecast, and Major Life Themes reports shortened versions of Gina Ronco?s professional reports. One can even edit these and create new reports from within Pegasus. Unlike Kepler, however, the electronic atlas included with Pegasus only has listings for only two or three major cities per state, and like Kepler cannot access the ACS Electroni Atlas.

Most astrologers, however, even those who own other charting software, will want to purchase the newest version of Kepler. Not only does it include one of the best electronic atlases in the World, with about 300,000 cities (for automatic entry of longitudes, latitudes, time zones, and time changes), and a database of the precise birth times of over 10,000 people (and events), but also has the accurate planetary calculations for ancient dates, and the most advanced astro-mapping features ever released.

Many astrologers have wanted astro-mapping information than is available in most software. After all, one never live in or travel to a city on an Astro*Carto*Graphy rising or culminating in line (I never have). Kepler goes further and can show you all of the planetary aspects lines (e.g., trines, squares, even minor aspect lines), plus lines for planetary midpoints. This reveals much more information about every city you examine. Another pioneering feature is the ability to see the orb for each line. The program surrounds each line with beautiful shading to help you tell if a city is within orb of a line. Finally, Kepler adds specific maps for Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friendship and Family, Imagination and Inspiration, and Excitement and Instability, so that novices can easily determine where to travel to enhance any of these themes.

The new version of Kepler is also an incredibly advanced research program. You can search for individual factors, of course, like a planet in a sign (or stationary, which most programs do not find), or create your own complex signatures. You can also analyze a group of charts for what factors appear most frequently, because Kepler will show, in a sorted list, all of the angles between the planets that you select in the chart group.

The new Time Line graph is the only transit/progressed tool available that will find transits that are past entering orb and do not reach exact aspect during the scan. All other software misses these events, which are often very major ones (e.g, Pluto square Sun). It also graphically depicts the gradually growing strength of each transit or progressed even beautifully.

Kepler is a fun-fledged calculation program with all of the basic and advanced features most astrologers need and want, including a large choice of birth chart forms, with new beautiful color chart wheels and bi- and tri-wheels; and a wide range of calculations, such as , returns, transits, progressions, composite charts, heliocentric and altitude/azimuth charts, Vedic charts and dasa listings, eclipses, fixed stars, harmonic charts, midpoint trees and sorts, 90 degree dials, astro-clock, transneptunians, 45 asteroids, and Arabic Parts. Kepler also has a complete astrological encyclopedia with both a glossary of terms and many well-written articles, a library of beautiful graphics, the same mini-reports as Pegasus, plus a live audio mini-reading and a comprehensive set of 27 lessons to help you leam astrology.

Cosmic Patterns has recently released many new report programs, several of which are outstanding. Among the best is the Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis Report ($200) by Lenore Canter. This synastry report has four sections: the first two explore how each person relates to others based on their 7th house planets and rulers, and the planetary aspects with in the two person?s charts. The second two sections explore the relationship from each person?s point of view, based on the aspects each planet makes to the planets of the other person?s chart, and the house each occupies in the other person?s chart. The report even carefully interprets the absence of contact between factors both in each chart (e.g., Sun not aspecting the Ascendant) and between both parties.

I found the quality of the interpretations in both sections of the report quite outstanding. Here is a report that truly shows both each individual's relationship patterns and how they will relate to the other person. The delineations are clear, direct, accurate, and insightful, and provide the groundwork for both facing oneself and for understanding many of the issues that will arise in the relationship. Here's a sample for John and Yoko:

Your Sun Quincunx John's Pluto (orb 1-5 deg)
You may feel an excessively strong need to assert yourself as your ego feels very threatened by John?s subtle power over you. Your fascination with John makes it difficult for you to sever the tie even if you feel the relationship is wrong for you.

Your Moon Quincunx jhon?s Jupiter (orb 1-5 deg)
There is something about John?s basic philosophy or world view which throws you somewhat off-center emotionally. You may often find your self caught up by John?s enthusiasm or going along with things which are not truly representative of your own feelings.

Like all reports, it is up to the reader to synthesize each delineation into a larger whole, but with the Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis, the effort will be well worth it. I suspect that if more people read reports of this quality, there would be many fewer surprises, and much more consciousness, in relating to their partners. I highly recommend it.

For an analysis of relationships that is more balanced instead of just positive, and also quite thought provoking and accurate, The Composite Report ($150) by Art Poppe is a fine choice and the best composite chart report I have seen. This report interprets the composite rising sign and its decanate, the Composite Midheaven, and each of the planets by house (not sign), and their aspects to other planets. It then delineates the midpoints in the composite chart, and finally the signs on each of the house cusps. I found the midpoint delineations of exceptional value, offering a look at additional facets of the interaction. Look at the depth in this sample for Yoko and John:

Sun Square Saturn
This aspects is an indication that by being together you will share very powerful learning experiences which should not be taken lightly. Yours may very well be a fated and unavoidable relationship as well. Your relationship may be shortened or long, but understand that Sun/Saturn bounds are not easily broken and they tend to bind you together for good or ill.

Your relationship together will expose facets of your personalities that you were unaware of and that you may not want to face. If you can take this opportunity to learn and grow, then you will discover a great deal about your faults and weaknesses. And the only way to overcome your weaknesses is to squarely face theme and resolve to correct what needs correcting.

The composite report will get couples to really examine their relationship - their expectations, differences, and compatibility - more than many other synastry reports, and it is therefore of great value.

The Life Path Report ($75) by Anne Mogul is a new birth chart report that does a great job of interpreting the Ascendant (and its aspects), the planets by sign, house, and aspects, retrogrades, elemental weights, the nodes by sign and house, and the ruler is in). About a dozen pages long, it shares its delineations with sparkling insights and great clarity, and is one of the best birth chart reports available.

Finally the Cities and Towns Report ($100) by Gina Ronco is my favorite relocation report program. While the interpretation for each city is short, this analysis of planetary aspects and midpoint structures to angles is very well done.

You can view full samples of all of the reports mentioned here at: Reports, so that you can evaluate them yourself. I highly recommend doing this, as every person?s tastes are unique. Cosmic Patterns has provided astrologers, students of astrology, and those wish to market reports with an excellent selection of wonderful reports software.