Astrology for the 21st Century by David Cochrane

This book is an exciting journey through many astrological traditions that culminates in a new synthesis. David Cochrane presents an integrated and comprehensive approach to astrological interpretation that incorporates a wide spectrum of different ideas into a new paradigm for astrology. Although Mr. Cochrane's approach to astrology is profound, erudite, and sophisticated, he also provides a clear and simple method for interpreting the birth chart.

Follow one man's path of skepticism and amazement as he discovers that astrology does work, followed by the exhaustive and monumental effort that leads to revolutionary new astrological theories, the development of analytical software tolls to research and apply these exciting new ideas, and the research that supports these theories.

Whether you are new to astrology or a professional, you will discover new vistas in astrology in this book. This is the startling, exciting, and extraordinary story of the discovery, implementation, and validation of astrological theory. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in astrology, this book will challenge your assumptions, and provide a new appreciation of the magic and mystery, of astrology. You will experience a refreshing new system for interpreting the birth chart that can complement whatever methods you currently use. This astrological system is built upon many remarkably accurate concepts scattered across a wide number of different astrological traditions as well as in physics, mathematics, and modern psychology.

Note: Astrology for the 21st Century is available to purchase from Cosmic Patterns Software, New Leaf, and Barnes and Noble.

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