64-bit Windows 10 / 11 compatible!
Basic Calculations
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  • Highly Precise planetary Calculation powered by Swiss Ephemeris
  • True and Mean Nodes
  • Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in all charts (Optional)
  • Chiron and Part of Fortune in Wheel chart
  • Tropical and Sidereal zodiac with 20+ Ayanamsas
  • Mixed Zodiac mode (Tropical Signs and Sidereal Nakshatras)
  • Basic Charts and Tools
    Rashi chart
    Bhava Chart
    Sun Chart
    Moon Chart
    House Cusps
    Divisional Charts
    Arudha Padas (for all Vargas)
    Planetary Relationships (for all Vargas)
    Chara Karakas (7 and 8 Scheme)
    Aspect Grids
    And more.