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Main data entry screen: very easy to enter chart data Easily add new natal chart, edit chart data, or view chart data. Clearing all entries and start new entries is very easy to do.

Customize aspects and orbs, and have up to 12 pre-defined aspect sets. Edit any feature of an interpretive report, translate reports to a different language, or even create your own interpretive reports from scratch! Select any True Type font for use in interpretations.

Default Chart Wheel: It is easy to make a new chart wheel style the default. The Vertex, Equatorial Ascendant, and 8 transneptunian planets can be put in the chart wheel. The Part of Fortune can be calculated using the ancient formula (Asc+Sun-Moon for night charts).

Batch Mode and Interactive Mode: Pegasus works beautifully in both "batch" mode and "interactive" mode. You may not be familiar with the terms "batch mode" and "interactive mode" but both modes are important to make an astrology program easy and fun. You can easily check the printouts you want and send them to the printer (batch mode), or you can view printouts on the screen, select any printout desired and immediately see it and then click on the Print button to print it if you like (Interactive mode). Batch mode is great when you need a lot of printouts, and interactive mode is great when you want to "play" with the program, poking around and exploring different ideas. Pegasus provides both in a very easy-to-use way.


  • While you enter the person's name (or place of birth), a list of names (or places) to select from automatically appears - no hunting around or pressing keys to tell Pegasus to look up the data.
  • Just do what you need to do: for example suppose you need to change the spelling of a person's name that has been saved on disk; all you do is change the spelling and the database is updated for you. Removing data is just as easy.
  • When entering the place of birth, you can simply begin entering the place, and then you also have the option to narrow the listing of cities to one country or state, a useful feature when you are unsure of the correct spelling.
  • Any printout being viewed on the screen can be printed by simply clicking on the print icon, can be saved to file by clicking on the save icon.
  • Seemingly complex requests like a BiWheel with Jack's natal chart in the center and Jill's progressed chart on the outside are very easy to do.
  • Windows displaying wheels, and interpretive reports, can be viewed simultaneously on the screen. You can move between them or resize them, send them to file or print them.
  • Easy Conversion of Old Style Calendar (Julian) to New Style Calendar (Gregorian).
  • Edit the text in an interpretive report. Translate an interpretive report into other languages. Create your own interpretive report.
  • Enter dates in European style, Day/Month/Year as well as American style, Month/Day/Year.
  • Easy to change Company Name.
  • Store Birth Data on disk and have notes with each person: Pegasus stores data on disk that can be easily looked up later.