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Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Listed below are the best places in the geographic areas that you selected. The latitude and longitude of the place is also given. The latitude and longitude are helpful if you wish to confirm where the place is located. For example, there are several places in Panama with the name "San Miguel" and the latitude and longitude can be used to confirm the "San Miguel" referred to.

You selected the top 50 places in the Culture and Creativity category for these geographic regions: Middle East and SW Area

Scores for a place range from zero to 1,000. A score above 800 is extremely strong. These are places where you have a very strong ability to attract situations related to the category. Even scores above 500 are very strong. Because the very best places in the geographic regions selected are shown, there may be many places with scores above 500. All of these places are excellent. Of course, the higher the score, the better, but any score above 500 is excellent.

Scores of about 250 to 500 are also excellent even though a score that is higher than scores within this range is even better. Combine the astrological information with what you know about the place. For example, if you are looking for better employment and a place that has lots of opportunities in the profession in which you are qualified to work and wish to work has a score of 300, this is an excellent place for you. The astrological influences do not supercede the realities of the place. You can look at it like this: given the potential of that place to be suitable, the astrological score for that place will tell you how much of that potential you have easy access to.

Scores of around 50 to 150 are about average. You do not have an extra "boost" in these places but what you are also not likely to run into unexpected problems in regards to the area of interest. Scores below 50 are weak and you tend to have more difficulty achieving your goals in regards to the area of interest.

If your report has been produced for large geographic regions, then places with low scores are not given in the list of best places. If there are two or more places tied with the same lowest score on the list, all of these places are shown. For example, in a report with the top 100 places listed, all places with the same score as the hundredth place are also listed.

Your AstroLocality Report is based on the following astrological data:

Sun      4 Sco 03            Saturn   7 Ari 09
Moon    24 Leo 47          Uranus  27 Vir 12
Mercury 13 Sco 53         Neptune 23 Sco 21
Venus   18 Vir 04           Pluto   21 Vir 57
Mars     3 Cap 45           Asc     27 Can 53
Jupiter  1 Vir 22             MC      16 Ari 45

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 04:16:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 33 N 44 56 84 W 23 17

Copyright 2013 David Cochrane All Rights Reserved

Top 50 Places for Culture and Creativity
  1:   597  Adana, Turkey   (37N01  35E18)
  2:   493  Mersin, Turkey   (36N48  34E38)
  3:   460  Niksar, Turkey   (40N36  36E58)
  4:   453  Kayseri, Turkey   (38N43  35E30)
  5:   391  Nigde, Turkey   (37N59  34E42)
  6:   343  Sivas, Turkey   (39N45  37E02)
  7:   319  Samsun, Turkey   (41N17  36E20)
  8:   297  Amasya, Turkey   (40N39  35E51)
  9:   278  Adraskan, Afghanistan   (33N39  62E16)
 10:   277  Ordu, Turkey   (41N00  37E53)
 11:   273  Netanya, Israel   (32N20  34E51)
 12:   272  Haifa, Israel   (32N49  34E59)
 13:   264  Salalah, Oman   (17N00  54E06)
 14:   254  Latakia, Syria   (35N31  35E47)
 15:   254  Bene Beraq, Israel   (32N05  34E50)
 16:   228  Herat, Afghanistan   (34N20  62E12)
 17:   218  Bandan, Iran   (31N23  60E44)
 18:   212  Hakkari, Turkey   (37N34  43E45)
 19:   207  Eregli, Turkey   (37N31  34E04)
 20:   207  Antakya, Turkey   (36N14  36E07)
 21:   206  Yozgat, Turkey   (39N50  34E48)
 22:   200  Nicosia, Cyprus   (35N10  33E22)
 23:   194  Farah, Afghanistan   (32N22  62E07)
 24:   192  Jask, Iran   (25N38  57E46)
 25:   191  Kangal, Turkey   (39N15  37E24)
 26:   187  Beirut, Lebanon   (33N53  35E30)
 27:   186  Be'er Sheva', Israel   (31N14  34E47)
 28:   184  Rustavi, Georgia   (41N33  45E02)
 29:   183  Tbilisi, Georgia   (41N43  44E49)
 30:   169  Khvoy, Iran   (38N33  44E58)
 31:   166  Tan'Am, Oman   (23N09  56E29)
 32:   159  Arbil, Iraq   (36N11  44E01)
 33:   155  Mosul, Iraq   (36N20  43E08)
 34:   154  Hafirat al-'Ayda,Saudi Arabia   (26N26  39E10)
 35:   149  Tartus, Syria   (34N53  35E53)
 36:   147  Limassol, Cyprus   (34N40  33E02)
 37:   142  Adam, Oman   (22N24  57E32)
 38:   139  Zahedan, Iran   (29N30  60E52)
 39:   129  Maras, Turkey   (37N36  36E55)
 40:   128  Kirkuk, Iraq   (35N28  44E28)
 41:   127  Al-Bi'r al-Jadid, Saudi Arabia   (26N01  38E29)
 42:   126  Suhar, Oman   (24N22  56E45)
 43:   123  Van, Turkey   (38N28  43E20)
 44:   123  Elbistan, Turkey   (38N13  37E12)
 45:   121  Nachicevan, Azerbaijan   (39N13  45E24)
 46:   119  Elat, Israel   (29N33  34E57)
 47:   117  Duruh, Iran   (32N17  60E30)
 48:   116  Hillah, Iraq   (32N30  44E25)
 49:   116  Baghdad, Iraq   (33N21  44E25)
 50:   115  Rawah, Iraq   (34N28  41E55)



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