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Transit Text Listing: Transit-to-Natal with Regular Planets, Regular Planets (no birth time), Planets + Asteroids, Planets + Asteroids (no birth time), Jupiter through Pluto, and Jupiter through Pluto (no birth time). Note: asteroids used are the 4 major asteroids only.

Transit text listing can be calculated using Exact Date Only, Enter Exact Date with Midpoints and Minor Aspects, Enter-Exact-Leave, and Enter Exact Leave with Midpoints and Minor Aspects

Transit-to-Transit Text Listing: Regular Planets, Planets+Asteroids, Jupiter through Pluto, Mars through Pluto, Regular Planets + Asteroids, and Asteroids only. Note, asteroids used are the 4 major asteroids only. Transit-to-Transit text listing can be calculated with Exact date only, Exact date with midpoints, and exact date with Minor Aspects and Midpoints.

ZOOM: Viewing printouts in Main Screen can be zoomed to increase or decrease size, fit to window area, Oversize (using the entire width of the screen), ¾ size, Half size, or ¼ size.

BATCH PRINT: Batch printing is the ability to print many printouts at one time rather than printing each report separately. In other words, instead of printing each printout individually, you can print all printouts that have been selected for all chart entries.

INTERPRETATIONS: Cosmo Natal, Cosmo Compatibility, Cosmo Forecast, and Major Life Themes. These reports are short written interpretations. If you want lengthier interpretations, you can purchase report options that are add ons to Pegasus. Click here to go to our Report Option page.

AYANAMSHA: Fagan/Bradley, Lahiri, De Luce, Raman, Ushashashi, Krishnamurti, Djwhal Khool, Yukteshwar, JN Bhasin, Babylonian Kugler 1, Babylonian Kugler 2, Babylonian Kugler 3, Babylunian Huber, Babylunian Mercier, Aldebaran at 15 Taurus, Hipparchos, Sassanian, Galactic Center on 0 Saguttarius, J2000, J1900, B1950, and User-Defined.

LISTING: In addition to Transit-to-Transit, Transit-to-Natal, Progressed-to-Progressed, and Progressed-to-Natal Listings, the following natal listings can also be produced from the Pegasus program.

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