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Seven Tips
For Getting More Astrology Clients
by Larry Schwimmer
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Seven (7) Tips for Getting More Astrology Clients:

As an astrologer, most of us are looking for ways to increase the number of readings we do every year. One of the simplest ways to do this is by the way we respond to inquiries that come from potential clients. Do you have a form letter that you can send out quickly to people who inquire about your service? Is it an email that you can customize explaining how your astrology service works, what it costs and how one becomes a client of yours? Is your email a powerful selling tool that encourages a person to book a reading with you? Here are seven (7) tips to help you convert more of your prospect into paying clients.

1. Email a response within 24 Hours. Research shows that you will improve your chances of winning a client's business by 37% by responding to their inquiry within 24 hours. A quick response works in your favor because often the interested party will choose the professional astrologer who responds the fastest. Also, many people decide to have an astrology reading on impulse or out of an urgent need. ("Should I accept this job offer and re-locate?"). They are looking for immediate attention.

2. Interest your client in the first paragraph. Be friendly and thank them for inquiring about your service. Most people have choices. The reality is this may their first time seeking out an astrologer and they may not be totally comfortable. Greet them warmly:

Hi Larry,

Thank you for asking about my personal Astrological consulting service. I will be delighted to have you as a new client…

3. Here is how my readings work. We can never take it for granted that people who come to us as clients know what the experience will be like. So, you can make your client more comfortable and manage their expectations by giving them a brief description of what to expect, how you conduct your reading, and what's included in your service.

For example:

Here's how my readings work: As a client, we will have a 1 1/2 hour consultation (in person or by phone) to discuss the major events happening in your life in 2015.

In our reading, I will tell you about important events that will affect your job, career, love life, investing and health. Each reading is customized to the important concerns of your life. After our consultation, I will give you a tape recording of our session, (as part of my service).

4. Provide Background and Testimonials. Don't take for granted that they know who you are or the excellent job you do as an astrologer. Make sure to say: "If you want any other information on me, or testimonials from past clients then please visit my web site." You can create a web site that has true testimonial from your clients. Then provide your web iste address to your client.

If you want any other information on me, or testimonials from past clients, you can visit my web site:

5. Tell them what you charge. Don't be shy about mentioning your fee. Consider offering new clients a discount if they respond in a timely manner. You can create urgency in your email by telling your client the actual fee that you charge per session. If you offer a discount to a new client, then let the client know how much discount you offer before they set an appointment wth you.

I charge $200 for this service. As a new client, I can offer you a $25 discount off my fee if you book your appointment this month. If you have any questions, please call me at 415-999-5888 (San Francisco) or email me at:

6. Ask for the Order! Be direct:

Please let me know if you would like to schedule a personal consultation and I will send you an invoice for my fee. And if you want to proceed, please send me your:

* Birth day/month/year
* Exact birth time
* City/State/Counry of birth

7. Be Assumptive in your closing sentence. This is your chance to "close" the person by reminding them about the benefit they will receive when they become your client. It's your chance to express your confidence that they will choose you to be their astrologer. Here is an example of a closing sentence I use:

I'm looking forward to doing your analysis and telling you about your future!

Your email response to potential client's inquiry is often the only opportunity you will have to convince them you should be their astrologer. As the old expression goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." If you incorporate these seven tips in the email you send people interested in your service, you will increase your chances of converting them into paying clients.

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