User Interface / Data Entry
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Data Entry

Entering birth data in a program might seem like a simple thing: you enter the name, date, time, and place of the person. However, most users of software enter the chart data of hundreds of people over some period of time, and a data entry screen that makes it easy to enter data quickly, find data of famous people provided with Kepler as well as the data you enter is important. For a demonstration of entering birth data in Kepler you can watch the video.

The screen capture above shows the data entry screen after "Santa Monica, c" was entered for the place. As you type a scroll down list of places is shown. You do not need to search or scroll through places, but you may scroll through the places if you wish. As you type, the places beginning with the letters you typed in are shown. Santa Monica, California is the place at the top of the list and you can click the "OK. Get First Place in List" button or click on the place to read it in.

Data Entry16 Minutes How To Customize Chart Wheels Video

The screen capture below is the same as the one above except that "California" is selected instead of the World. After entering "santa monica, c", Santa Monica, California is listed and below are it are only places in California. Sirius has almost 1 million places, about 3 times as many places as most astrology programs, and being able to list only places for one country can be helpful, especially when you are unsure of the spelling of the place.

Data Entry

Notice that there are two places in California with the name "Santa Nella". As shown in the list, one Santa Nella is in Merced county and the other is in Sonoma county. The asterisk next to the Santa Nella in Merced county indicates that this is the larger Santa Nella. It is best to confirm which county the person was born in but if you are unable to determine this, it is more likely that the place is Santa Nella in Merced county because it is the larger place.