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Medieval Methods
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Listed below are some of the Medieval Methods in Kepler. You will find these described in more detail as you browse through the features of Kepler on this website.

Medieval Chart Wheels
These chart wheel styles include tables of essential dignities, sect, almutens, conjunctions to fixed stars, and other information that medieval astrologers use. There are three different default medieval wheel styles and you can customize them.

Refranation Table
This table lists when aspects were exact or will become exact or if the aspects do not become partile. This is very helpful for the horary astrologer.

Customizable Essential Dignities
There are several variations of essential dignity tables provided and you can customize the tables. You can also include all three triplicity rulers in the essential dignities table.

Hyleg, Alcochodon, Almudebit, Anareta, Temperament, Lunar Mansions, Dispositor Tables, Lilly Void of Course calculation, and Planetary Hours
Some of these features are described and samples are given in this website. If you would like to see a sample of any of these tables, let us know and we will add samples here. We are briefly summarizing some of the medieval features that are available and gradually we will add more samples of features so you can see them.

One Day AstroSignature Forecast and Electional Astrology Grpah with Classical rules.
You can pick dates based on changing planetary hours, rising signs, essential dignities etc. and see the results graphically. Also available as an option are talisman images from the Picatrix that can be used at times when the graphs peaks and a planet is at greatest strength.