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This art wheel collection includes a wide variety of themes and styles. Throughout the entire collection, the most consistent quality is the subtle and exquisite colors. The Pastel Collection of 138 art wheels adds a new dimension to your Kepler or Sirius program, and will delight your clients and customers with an inspiring and uplifting work of art!

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Reference book by Jacob Schwarz
Where are the asteroids relevant to you at significant dates in your life? The collective names in your life are as unique as your signature! That's why we call this program Asteroid Signatures! Type in your name, or any other name, and the program provides the positions of those asteroids at any time you select, the discovery dates and discoverers are listed, along with the keywords used in their original citation by the Minor Planet Center.

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This set of 4 CD's provides you the ability to view the positions of up to 38,000 asteroids. You can select any of these asteroids to view in the Asteroids Wheel. You can also view a listing of all the asteroids or allof the named asteroids in zodiacal order or in alphabetical order.

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Contains very small towns and villages that are not in Kepler or Sirius. Provides over 1 1/2 million additional places. Birth places of historical figures are sometimes given as towns which many no longer exist or have had a change of name will appear in the Mega Atlas.

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Discover a Person's Unique Talents With Harmonic Charts
The emphasis of this seminar is direct and practical. After listening to this seminar DVD, you should feel confident that you can use what you have learned to better understand the motivations and talents of natal charts that you interpret.

13 hours audio on DVD by David Cochrane

Astrology for the 21st Century Go to the Astrology 21st Century page »

This book is an exciting journey through many astrological traditions that culminates in a new synthesis. David Cochrane presents an integrated and comprehensive approach to astrological interpretation that incorporates a wide spectrum of different ideas into a new paradigm for astrology. Although Mr. Cochrane's approach to astrology is profound, erudite, and sophisticated, he also provides a clear and simple method for interpreting the birth chart.

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This book presents a new synthesis of several relocation methods into a new system. With unusual clarity and simplicity, the author explains the theoretical foundations for this new system. The concept is so new that anyone with an interest in astrology, from beginner to practicing professional, will find this book to be enlightening. The material is presented as a personal story that is so intriguing and captivating that you are likely to find yourself fully engrossed from cover to cover.

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Vibrational Astrology is evidence based Astrology and it was developed by David Cochrane. This book enables you to study the Astrology Chart in greater depth giving you a greater insight into the patterns in the Astrology chart.