Published date: September 29, 2014

Merger of Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software

Two giants of astrological software development, Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software are in the process of merging into one company. The combined power of these two companies will make it possible to bring new innovations and improvements to astrological software much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. This merger is very good news for users of astrological software and information systems that use astrology. The merger was completed July 29, 2013.

Each company brings unique assets to the new company.

David and Fei Cochrane have guided Cosmic Patterns Software to have extraordinarily comprehensive software for astrologers in a wide variety of astrological systems, as well as graphic presentations of information that are attractive and informative.

Michael Erlewine has guided Matrix Software towards developing applications that are suited to the increased mobility and the increasing number of computing platforms in the 21st century with beautiful software and stunning graphics, as well as technical developments.

Michael and David are great friends who worked together back in 1981 and now join together the enormous talent and capabilities of the team of software developers who work hard on a regular basis to make these products.

Operations will consolidate and be centralized at the Cosmic Patterns office in Gainesville, Florida. Fei Cochrane is the head manager of computer operations. David will continue programming and working with other programmers. Michael will play an important role as advisor and mentor to the company. Michael will have turned 72 years old by the time the merger is complete, and his wisdom, knowledge, and experience will be a vital asset to the new merged company. By having Fei assume leadership of the company, Michael can focus on creative work in cooperation with David and the new combined development teams of both companies.

Existing customers of both Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software will be pleased to know that existing products will continue to be available, improved, and communication between different software improved. The plans for the future include providing enhancements that will enable software users to use their own combination of software products in an efficient way at very reasonable prices.

This announcement is a celebration and a big step forward for everyone involved. Fei & David Cochrane and Michael & Margaret Erlewine wish to thank the many dozens of people who have worked diligently and especially the current staff members who continue to work hard to make the world's best astrology software and information services.


The new company will be not only the world's largest developer of astrology software but also the oldest. Matrix Software was founded in 1977, and founder Michael Erlewine was the first company to offer astrology software for microcomputers. According to an article written for Red Herring Magazine Matrix Software is the oldest software company still on the Internet other than MicroSoft. Cosmic Patterns was founded in 1982, and David Cochrane developed software on a mainframe computer to perform sophisticated astrological calculations and interpretations in the 1970's.

Although both companies are old compared to other software companies, their outlook is fresh, vibrant, and youthful. Both companies not only continue to be at the cutting edge of technology but also at the cutting edge of developments in the field of astrology.