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Sirius and Kepler: Introduction, User Interface, Customizing, Using Features

Tutorial videos on Sirius and Kepler. Sirius is used in these tutorial videos, but the basic features are in Kepler as well. Sometimes it is mentioned if a feature is not in Kepler.
27 videos

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Vibrational Astrology

Vibrational astrology (VA) is a system of astrological interpretation that emphasizes the importance of planetary configurations. Planetary configurations like the grand trine (three planets trine to each other) and the t-square (two planets opposition to each other and square a third planet) are very important.
16 videos

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Zodiac Signs, Houses, Basic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology

Zodiac Signs, Houses, Introduction to Astrology, Basic Astrology. 40 videos

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Forecasting: Modern Methods

Transits, Progressions, Directions, Rectification, Financial, Ancient, Cosmobiology,
Harmonics, Symmetrical, Animated Wheels, Time Line, Forecast Graphs, etc. 46 videos

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Forecasting: Ancient, Financial, Rectification, AstroMeteorology

Primary Directions, Hellenistic, Medieval, Picatrix, Financial Forecasting, Rectification.
14 videos

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Relocational Astrology

Also known as AstroLocality. 14 videos

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Special Topics: Asteroids, Degree Meanings, Parans, Vedic, Planet Nodes, etc.

Special astrological methods (note: for forecasting with special astrological methods see the two Forecasting playlists). 35 videos

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Harmonic Astrology, Vibrational Astrology and Symmetrical Astrology

Harmonic Astrology, Composite Chart, Midpoints and Other Chart Patterns that Involve Symmetry. 91 videos

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Planet Mandalas & Astronomy

Planet Mandalas, Astronomy for astrologers, Lecture to astronomers. 27 videos

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