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User Interface6 Minutes How To Customize Chart Wheels Video

Kepler is an extraordinarily powerful program with and endless number of features. We have carefully crafted every part of the user interface to enable you to get the information you want in a smooth and intuitive manner. Many programs allow you to do the basics of pulling up a chart with ease. But suppose you want to do something creative like look at the midpoint structures formed between a solar return and a natal chart or a harmonic chart of a composite chart. Even if your approach to astrology is simple or you are a beginner, when the day comes when you want to explore a new idea or step outside the basics, you will be glad that you have Kepler. It all starts with the color-coded icons at the top of the main window.

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Blue Icons

Blue Icons: Make a new chart. A progression, solar return, composite chart, relocated chart, and harmonic chart, for example, give you a new set of planetary positions. Make new charts with the blue icons.

Green Icons

Green Icons: Select chart wheels, interpretations, listings. Here you select whatever information you want about this chart, whether it is a wheel, interpretation, table, listing, etc.

Do Complex Things Very Easily!

Now Select Midpoint Structures Between the Solar Return and the Natal Chart!
Sound difficult? It's easy. Just select a Solar Return chart and then select the midpoints between the charts. A Solar Return is a new chart; it has new planetary positions, so we select it with a blue icon. When we put the cursor on the blue icon with the letter "R" on it, we see that this is for returns. Then we move our cursor of the icon with "Syn" on it and it tells us that this is for Synastry and we select Midpoints. Done!

How about something "crazy" like a harmonic chart of a composite chart? Easy! Just select the composite chart. Then select the harmonic chart of this composite chart.

All of Your Chart Entries Listed and
Reports Selected Are Easily Available!
Chart Entries

Many astrologers look at many charts and reports. You may wish to see an AstroMap, and then a forecast, a progressed chart, a composite chart, and then you may wish to see the same AstroMap for another person, etc. In Kepler you quickly jump to the information you want with a few mouse clicks.

You Now Know The Basic Idea of How Kepler Works.

From that short description and a few screen captures, you now understand how Kepler works. Kepler and Pegasus work the same way. The details of how to use the program are usually obvious just by looking at what is on your screen. The Help system is very comprehensive and we have tutorial videos as well. If something seems to not be correct or you feel stuck somewhere, we also provide outstanding customer support.

There are so many exciting features in Kepler and we have described just the basic layout of the program here. See the other sections that describe the data entry screen and the interactive customizing capabilities if you wish to learn more.