Chart Wheels / Hellenistic
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Hellenistic Wheel

Hellenistic astrologers use many of the same methods that are used in medieval astrology as well as forecasting methods like time lords that were not as popular during the later medieval time period. Sirius provides extensive time lord features and other Hellenistic features. Here we show just one example of a chart wheel in a Hellenistic style.

Hellenistic Natal

When you select this menu item, the following options are available to choose from. You can either select it all of just select the one that you want to use.


When you select this menu item, the following options are available to choose from.

Time Lord Systems:

  • Zodiacal Aphesis
  • Decennials
  • 129 Year System
  • Balbillus Method
  • Circumambulations
  • Annual Profections
  • Lunar Monomoira

Level of Details
You can also select the "Level of Details" such as: "1 level for 100 years", "2 Levels for 100 years", "3 Levels for 50 Years", "4 Levels for 5 Years"

Starting Date
The "Starting Date" can be from: Date of Birth, Today's date, or you can use any date that you want to use.

Lots to Use
You can also choose one of the following Lots to use:

Spirit, Fortuna, Necessity (Mercury), Eros (Venus), Courage (Mars), Victory (Jupiter), Nemesis (Saturn)



Courage, Victory, Nemeris (Mars, Jupiter Saturn):

  • Simplified Formula of Schmidt (Asc+Planet-Lot)
  • Paulus formula (Plus Fortune and Minus Spirit
  • It can also be reversed for night charts

Necessity and Eros:

  • Simplified formula of Schmidt (Asc+Planet-Lot)
  • Paulus Formula (Plus Fortune and Minus Spirit)
  • Necessity = Asc+Fortune-Spirit, Eros = Asc+Spirit-Fortune
  • Necessity = Asc+Spirit-Fortune, Eros = Asc+Fortune-Spirit
  • You can also select "Reverse for Night Chart"



  • Hellenistic (standard)
  • Hellenistic (variation)
  • Arabic (standard)
  • Arabic (variation)
  • Simplified
        "Reverse for Night Chart" can also be selected
  • Lot of Siblings and Lot of Children: Reverse for Night Chart


  • Determine orbs by measuring angle in whole degrees
Explanation: In ancient astrology the determination of whether an aspect is within orb is sometimes done by a measurement using whole degrees and removing minutes. For example, if the Sun is at 10 Gem 05 and the Moon is at 15 Gem 55, the two planets are regarded as being within 5 degrees because 15 minus 10 = 5. Check this box if you wish to use this method of determining if an angle is within orb. Otherwise the exact angle between the two bodies will be used.