Hellenistic Methods
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Some of the Hellenistic features in Sirius are described below.

Circumambulations Listing

Hellenistic Chart Wheel
The terms are given around the outer edge and the Hellenistic lots are placed in the wheel. Other information used by Hellenistic astrologers is also provided.

Time Lords are one of the main forecasting methods in Hellenistic astrology. Sirius offers extensive and flexible time lord systems listings. You can select circumambulations, zodiacal aphesis, decennials, the 129 Year System, the Balbillus system, annual profections, and lunar monomoria. You can easily select the time period and many options such as the number of levels, the planet or lot to use as the basis, and other variations in the calculations. For circumambulations you can include the date of ingress into each degree and each term. Hellenistic astrologers have reported that they are very happy with the flexibility and elegant user interface.

Zodiacal Ephesis Options

Hellenistic Information
Listings of the dignities, fixed stars, and aspects to planets and prenatal Lunation, lots, dwadasamsas, and dodekatamoria of planets, and lots, and the ascensional times of planets are provided.

Many options for the formula used for calculating lots and time lords are provided.