Cosmobiology Methods
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Interactive Dials
You can move the arrow in a 90 degree dial wheel, BiWheel, TriWheel, or QuadWheel to see midpoints formed.

Planet-to-midpoint and Midpoint-to-planet in forecasting
In the time line format you can include transiting planet to natal midpoint, transiting midpoint to natal planet aspects, and you can do this with progressions as well. You can include these midpoint structures in AstroSignature Forecasts and Electional astrology Graphs.

Midpoint Tress in Natal Charts and Compatibility Charts
Midpoint trees are a fundamental tool in cosmobiology and the midpoint tress in Sirius are flexible. For example, you can include asteroids in the midpoint trees.

Midpoint Trees of a Harmonic Chart
Because you can easily select any report of any chart, you can select midpoint trees of a harmonic tress, allowing you to see midpoints in any harmonic.

Midpoint Interpretations
Included in the Harmonic Highlights Report that is included with Sirius.