Symmetrical Methods
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Symmetry in the Time Line Forecast
You can include midpoint-to-midpoint alignments formed between two transiting (or progressed) planets and two natal planets, as well as aspects in the composite chart and times when transiting (or progressed) planets have the same angle as in the natal chart.

Interpretations of Planetary Pictures
The Harmonic Highlights Report interprets four planet patterns which are known by some astrologers as isotraps, others as planetary pictures, and others as midpoint-to-midpoint alignments.

Planetary Picture Patterns
You can display small images of four planets that form a planetary pattern.

AstroMaps with Arabic Parts / Planetary Picture Lines
You can produce an AstroMap of, for example, Sun+Moon-Mercury = Ascendant. This is an arabic part conjunct the Ascendant, and is equivalent to what is referred to as a planetary picture in Symmetrical Astrology and also known as an isotrap.