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Forecasting / “4-Hour” Forecast – New in V4.0
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There are 13 new “4-Hour” forecast AstroSignatures. They are called the “4-Hour” forecasts because we recommend that you set the frequency of calculations to 4 hours for these forecasts. The frequency of calculations is a setting for all AstroSignature forecasts. These new AstroSignature forecasts analyze aspects that may be within orb for less than half a day so fluctuations throughout the day are detected. The feature to show times adjusted to any location enables you to see how these changes occur throughout the day for the clock time at any location.

There are 13 of these 4-Hour forecasts:
4-Hour Detail: Drive & Motivation (Hard aspects),
4-Hour Detail: Healing & Harmony (soft aspects and 9-vibe)
4 Hour: Flowing & Creative (5-vibe)
4 Hour: Stillness & Inner Wisdom (7-vibe),
              Restlessness and Progressiveness (11-vibe)
4 Hour: Seeking Superiority (13-vibe)
4 Hour: Empathy Across Borders (17-vibe)
4 Hour: Selecting Life Narrative (19-vibe)
4 Hour: Calculated Risk (23-vibe)
4 Hour: Creative Evolution (29-vibe)
4 Hour: Awe without Answers (31-vibe)
4 Hour: Profound Perspectives (37-vibe)
4 Hour: Lively Spirited Independent Fusion (41-vibe)
4 Hour: Excel by sincerity & unchanging Truth (43-vibe).
7 days with 7 of the 4-Hour

For these AstroSignatures you can select either “Transit-to-Natal” to see planetary configurations formed by either one transiting planet and two natal planets or by two transiting planets and one natal planet, or you can select “Transit-to-Transit” for planetary patterns formed by the transiting planets to each other. Here is an example of a forecast for 7 days with 7 of the 4-Hour AstroSignatures selected:

These 4-Hour forecasts include nearly every 3-planet configuration and transit-to-natal midpoint structure related to the vibration, and there are typically dozens of these configurations at any given time. On an anecdotal level, the forecast shows promise of being useful. For example, the above forecast was done for David Cochrane and on December 2 David decided to post on social media a link to a youtube video, and he decided that he may post a video every day because there are over 600 videos and a new one could be posted every day for nearly 2 years, and this use of social media for “shameless promotion” as the saying goes of one’s own work might grate against some people as it can appear self-absorbed. That this happens as the “Seeking Superiority” line graph makes a conspicuous peak and the most conspicuous peak of the month. David looked at the graph after making the decision so the graph did not influence his thoughts.