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Avalon Lessons

The Avalon lessons provie a self-learning system. Avalon consists of 47 self-guided lessons, and starts at the very beginning and continues to a very advanced level of study. Avalon includes detailed lessons, tests and quizzes (you even get graded) before you proceed to the next lesson and a logical, systematic approach that makes it possible for you to learn astrology on your own.

Avalon is a very thorough and comprehensive course, complete with graphic illustrations and tests . If you take the entire course and pass all of the tests, you will have a thorough grasp of astrological principles. In fact, you may find that you will amaze yourself with your ability to understand people by analyzing their birth charts. With additional study in advanced areas you will be able to take (and pass!) tests administered by various astrological organizations to receive certification from these organizations, and you will have the information you need to interpret charts and teach others. We recommend interpreting dozens of charts for people without any charge before beginning to charge for your services, and to devote at least a few years of study before becoming a professional in the astrological field.

If you prefer a less structured approach to learning, and you prefer to browse around, you can browse through the topics in Avalon, or you may find that Astro Encyclopedia is more to your liking. Avalon is particularly good for people who want a complete and thorough understanding of astrology, and want to study astrology in a systematic manner, starting with the basics and progressing to more.

Avalon Lesson is part of the Sirius program. Avalon Lessons is a self-learning program. It consists of 47 lessons. However, we are offering you the first 2 lessons free of charge right here on our web site!

Click here for Lesson 1 Click here for Lesson 2


New in Version 4.0 Avalon Lessons in Norwegian and Turkish

The Avalon Lessons are now available in English, Norwegian and Turkish.

Anders Krovel from Norway who is one of our Authors and licensed dealer in Norway translated the Avalon Lesson in Norwegian. Thank you, Anders!!!