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Jones Charts Methods – New in V4.0
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Detailed Jones Chart Types with Explanation
Detailed Jones Chart

The Jones 7 Chart Types are a popular way to determine the overall quality of a birth chart. The 7 types that the distinguished astrologer Marc Edmund Jones identified are the Bundle, Bowl, Locomotive, Seesaw, Splay, Splash and Fan. For example, a chart in which the planets are spread around about 120 degrees is a called a Bowl type, and if the planets spread around about 180 degrees it is a Bowl Type. A Seesaw chart type has two groups of planets roughly opposite to each other. Of course, almost no chart is a perfect Bundle, a perfect Bowl, or a perfect representation of any of the 7 Jones chart types. You might, for example, have a Bowl chart but there is a large gap of 45 degrees or 60 degrees, so it like a Bowl with a hole in it, as opposed to a Bowl chart type that has the planets very evenly distributed across almost exactly 180 degrees. In order to account for these variations, the Detailed Jones Chart Types feature that is new in Sirius 4.0 has 45 different chart types.

A few examples of these chart types are the Bundle, Wide Bundle, the Wide Bundle with Seesaw Qualities. The Bowl, the Bowl with Bucket Qualities, the Wide Bowl, and the Wide Bowl with Bucket Qualities. By detecting all of these variations of the Jones Chart Type, we are able to identify very clearly how a specific chart varies from the pure original 7 Chart Types that Jones identified. Without the help of a computer, it would be tedious to check all of these variations, but some astrologers who are very experienced in using the Jones Chart Types, do notice the way a particular chart varies from a pure Jones Type chart, and the incorporate this into the interpretation. The Detailed Jones Type feature added to Sirius 4.0 is helpful for identifying and interpreting these deviations for a pure Jones Type chart.