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Lovers of astrology interpret charts . . . lots of charts! We love to look at the chart of a political leader, an actor, a favorite musician, etc. There are helpful websites that provide data but once you are "spoiled" by the huge database of charts included with Sirius, it is difficult to go back to searching for the data online and manually entering it. There are over 60,000 charts included with Sirius! We are constantly editing, improving the data and adding more data. The accuracy rating for the charts and the notes informs you about how accurate the birth data is. Very often I have been in conversations with astrologers or listened to a group of astrologers talking and someone mentions that a particular famous person has a particular aspect in the chart or they think that they may have a particular sign rising, and an astrologer with Sirius installed on the laptop computer pulls up the chart right there and provides the details. By having the data in your software you can pull up the chart wheel, transits, progressions, or other information that you need to really interpret the chart.

Using Research38 Minutes How To Customize Chart Wheels Video

The data collection is great for another reason: research. Sometimes I see an online discussion of astrologers speculating about what zodiac signs, house placements, etc. are in a particular group of charts, such as of people in a particular sport or vocation, or have a similar psychological trait. Well, why not look! In Sirius there may be a group of charts with people in a profession or with a particular trait and you can use the research features to see. Recently a group of astrologers were sharing ideas on what they thought were in the charts of people with mental illness. I was curious so I used the research features in Sirius to find out. I made a video about how I did this.

Mental Illness Research31 Minutes How To Customize Chart Wheels Video

Here is another thought consider regarding research: suppose that you teach classes in astrology to beginners or that you are a party and someone asks you a question like to describe Virgo or describe Libra. In both cases let's suppose that whether you are teaching a class, talking to someone you just met at a party, or giving a presentation to people that you give an excellent explanation. Very often you may now get the question as to what evidence you have for this idea. Many people are accustomed to being presented some kind of evidence beyond your personal experience. This does NOT have to be a rigorous study with the use of statistics, but at least some attempt to confirm the theories. You may not feel that this is important or that for some reason this cannot be done, but if you believe that it can be helpful to provide, this evidence, then you can use a very simple research feature in Sirius to produce data that enables you to communicate effectively with people who are interest in an evidence-based approach to astrology. Keep in mind that the number of people interest in an evidence-based approach is enormous. One of the two links o videos on this website page provides more information on how to do this. As always, this is just one more creative use of the Sirius software and it is not for everyone. You may have excellent reasons why this approach is not helpful to you. Sirius provides an enormously rich set of tools for virtually every kind of astrology and every kind of approach to astrology.

A large data collection frees you up to explore new things. Sirius is not just a program to allow you to get calculations that you need, but also to explore new ideas, grow into new areas of astrology, and explore new areas.