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There are six topics described below. Different kinds of interpretations and the last topic describe MultiMedia Reports:

  • Nakshatra Report   – New in Version 4.0
  • General Natal
  • Specialized Natal
  • Compatibility
  • Forecast
  • Relocational
  • MultiMedia Reports!
  • Customizing Reports41 Minutes How To Customizing Interpretation Reports in Kepler and Sirius

    There are reports available in various languages such as Spanish, French, etc. The specialized interpretations are Vedic, Harmonic, Degree Meanings, Asteroids, and Fixed Stars. Some of the interpretations include graphic images and some reports have a "No Birth time" version that can be used when the birth time is not known within about a half hour. These No Birth Time versions are shorter and leave out interpretations that are very dependent on the time of day.

    The interpretive reports can be edited. For detailed information on editing of interpretive reports in Sirius you can watch the video on this.

    The enormous range of interpretive reports in Sirius can be used in a variety of ways:

  • You can produce a report for someone and email or print that report that can be sold to the client or give as a gift.
  • If you teach astrology, you may copy and paste an interpretation as an example of an interpretation according to some astrologers.
  • Some interpretive reports are also excellent reference works. See, for example, how different astrologers interpret a degree position or get information about fixed stars or asteroids that are conjunct planets in the chart.
  • The MultiMedia Reports can be used at parties.
  • More information about the interpretation reports in Sirius is provided below.

    Nakshatra Report New in Version 4.0

    The Nakshatra Report interpretation is now included to the Sirius program. The 12 zodiac signs are very familiar to most of us, and many people know their Sun Sign. In India a different system of celestial signs has also been used. It is a system of 27 signs and each sign has a length of 13 degrees and 20 minutes, rather than 12 signs of 30 degrees each. These 27 signs are known as "nakshatras".

    Nakshatras are widely used by Indian astrologers to provide vitally important information. For example, nakshatras are used for determining compatibility in marriage and the naming of children. The nakshatra image combines with the descriptive information to provide you a window into the deep wisdom of ancient India. This report is designed to shed light on your individual nature and soul's purpose.

    Click on the languages below for a html sample.
    General Natal Interpretations

    The Cosmo Natal Report is a beautifully written brief interpretation of the natal chart using modern astrological methods. You can produce the report in all of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Norwegian, and Italian. Reports can be produced with or without graphic images.

    Specialized Natal Interpretations

    The Vedic Astrology Insight Report provides extensive interpretations of yogas (combinations of astrological influences), and includes the analysis of the complex rules used, including the complex variations of the yogas based on the work of K S Charak and also B V Raman and Robert DeLuce. Vedic HTML sample...

    The Harmonic Highlights Report interprets harmonic aspects up the the 16th harmonic and also 4-planet combinations known as planetary pictures or isotraps. This report is written by David Cochrane. Harmonic HTML sample...

    The Major Life Themes Report interprets aspect patterns based on harmonic patterns and midpoint structures. This is a very short report and is about a page long. One astrologer did a study of giving different interpretations to people and asked which one is most accurate and the Major Life Themes Report was more often selected than the other reports. Major Life Themes HTML sample...

    The Degree Meanings Report provides interpretations of the planets in each degree of the zodiac according to 11 different astrologers. This report allows you to compare the interpretations of different experts in this area. You can also produce a report of just the Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudhyar or the original Sabian Symbols by M E Jones and the variation by Rudhyar. Degree Meanings HTML sample...

    The Asteroids Report provides mythological and historical information about any of 1,425 asteroids that are conjunct planets in the birth chart and a brief interpretation based on this information. This report is based on extensive research. For almost anyone interested in minor asteroids, this report is very helpful because it provides information about any of these asteroids that are conjunct a planet, Asc, or MC in the birth chart. Asteroids HTML sample...

    The Fixed Stars Report provides detailed information about any of 349 fixed stars that are conjunct a planet, Asc, or MC in the birth chart. Extensive research was conducted on the interpretations provided by different astrologers so that you have this information easily available to you. Fixed Stars HTML sample...

    Compatibility Interpretations

    The Cosmo Compatibility Report is included in Sirius and it is available in these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Norwegian. The reports can be produced with or without graphic images. The Cosmo Compatibility Report compares the Sun signs, compare the Moon signs, and major aspects between the charts. The interpretations are clear, brief, and have received excellent reviews for quality.

    Forecast Interpretations

    Sirius provides the Cosmo Forecast Report. This report provides brief interpretations of transit-to-natal aspects. The interpretations are clear, direct, and have received rave reviews for being well-written and accurate. The interpretations are available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Norwegian! The English and Italian reports interpret transiting Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in major aspect to the natal planets, Asc, and MC. The Spanish, French, and Norwegian versions provide interpretations of only transiting Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. A no birth time version of the reports does not include the natal Asc and MC in the interpretations. The Italian version of this report was translated by Italian astrologer Carla Adabbo. Carla also extended the interpretations so the Italian version of the Cosmo Forecast Report has more comprehensive interpretations than the other languages.

    There are two other forecast interpretations. A Vedic dasas interpretation and a progressed lunar phase interpretation. In the Vedic dasas report, most, but not all dasa periods are interpreted. The progressed lunar phase report is a very short report that describes what the lunar phases are, and a paragraph interpretation of the lunar phase at birth and the current lunar phase are given.

    Relocational Astrology Interpretations

    The AstroLocality Report that is included in Sirius interprets relocated aspects for any number of places that you enter. You can interpret just major aspects or you can include semisquares, sesquiquadrates, and quincunxes, and you can also includes quintiles, septiles, noviles, 16th harmonic aspects and midpoints conjunct or opposition the relocated Ascendant and MC. You can also produce the interpretation based on the aspects calculated in zodiac longitude or in mundo. In addition to all of this flexibility, the interpretations have received excellent reviews and comments. The interpretations are written by David Cochrane.

    You can also produce a listing of the interpretations of aspect lines that appear in AstroMaps. This listing can be give to clients together with a Treasure Map so that the client knows what the interpretation is of the lines on the Treasure Map.

    MultiMedia Reports!

    The Live Mini Reading is an interpretation of the natal chart that is spoken and has background images displayed while you listen to the interpretation, rather than text that you read. The Live Mini Reading is a short interpretation. It lasts about 5 to 10 minutes and interprets major aspect patterns in the chart rather than zodiac sign positions, house positions, or individual aspects. The Live Mini interpretations are the same interpretations that are given in the Major Life Themes Report. The Major Life Themes Report is the more typical kind of report that you read rather than a report that you listen to. People have reported that the Live Mini Reading is exciting and fun at parties and gatherings. Someone can enter the birth data for people at the gathering and they can listen to what the program says about them. There is almost guaranteed to be lots of laughter and we have also found some strikingly accurate statements that really get the attention of people.