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Sirius is a complete and comprehensive Vedic program. Sirius is not a western program with some Vedic features. The Vedic features are so comprehensive that some Vedic astrologers use Sirius for their work. Just a quick summary of some of the Vedic features is given below:

Vedic Gemstone Analysis New in Version 4.0

Interpretive Report by Jack Hauck

Jack Hauck

The Vedic Gemstone Analysis report analyzes Lagna (rising sign in the sidereal zodiac) combined with the placement of the planet in sign and house to determine if remedial measures are advised. If remedial measures are recommended, then a gem that is helpful is recommended. Jack Hauck is an expert in the use of gems according to Vedic astrology. He is well-known in the Vedic astrology community in the United States and also in other parts of the world. This feature is a very important addition to the Vedic astrology features that are already within the Sirius program. We are grateful to Jack Hauck for his generosity in making this report available as part of the Sirius software. Thank you Jack!!!

Click here to view a Gemstone Analysis Interpretive sample report.


Gemstone Calculator New in Version 4.0

The Gemstone Calculator gives Vedic astrology rules for wearing each of 7 gems based on the rising sign. The 7 gems are ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow topaz, diamond and blue sapphire. The rules given describe how to use the gem depending on the placement of a planet in a house, and you must refer to the Vedic astrology chart to see what the house placements are. This report is designed for astrologers and students of astrology who can refer to the birth chart. In using this report, you also get trained in ways to do a Vedic gem analysis as you apply the rules, and you can use these rules as long as you know very basic fundamentals of astrology in order to see how the rules based on your Ascendant apply to you. This report is available in English and Turkish.

Click here to view a Gemstone Calculator sample report.


Nakshatra Report New in Version 4.0

The Nakshatra Report interpretation is now included to the Sirius program. The 12 zodiac signs are very familiar to most of us, and many people know their Sun Sign. In India a different system of celestial signs has also been used. It is a system of 27 signs and each sign has a length of 13 degrees and 20 minutes, rather than 12 signs of 30 degrees each. These 27 signs are known as "nakshatras".

Nakshatras are widely used by Indian astrologers to provide vitally important information. For example, nakshatras are used for determining compatibility in marriage and the naming of children. The nakshatra image combines with the descriptive information to provide you a window into the deep wisdom of ancient India. This report is designed to shed light on your individual nature and soul's purpose.


Varga wheels in an easy-to-use presentation

Any Vedic program allows you to select vargas, but Sirius shows them in a resizable window that makes it easy for you to see the vargas while also seeing other information in tables.

Vedic: Dasas, Gochara, Muhurta, etc.

Sirius Vedic System

Many Vedic forecasting methods are available in Sirius.

In addition to the most common dasa system, Vimsottari dasas, there are 9 other dasa systems: Ashtottari, Drigdasa, Kalachakra, Lagan Kendradi, Narayana, Narayana Shoola, Shoola, Sudasa, and Yogini. You can select the number of levels. Ashtakavarga tables and an ashtakavarga graph are available as well as a Gochara graph. The panchanga forecast tables are very nicely organized and are thorough. A huge number of muhurta tables can be produced and the muhurta tables include graphic images at the top of the report so you can send to clients, post on your website, or publish beautiful and unique muhurta tables. Of course, the technical accuracy is just as professional and carefully developed as the beauty of the reports.

Vimsottari Dasa Listing

If you click on the images to the right, you will see the attention to detail that is given to each report. The inclusion of lots of technical detail in a nicely organized and clearly readable manner, the use of background colors, and the graphic image at the top of the muhurta tables are examples of how Sirius not only provides the information that you would like to have, but provides it in a very professional and beautiful manner.


As usual, you can right-click on a report to quickly pull up the settings. For example, while viewing the dasas listing, you can right-click, change the kind of dasa, the number of levels, and any settings that are specific to that kind of dasa, click the OK button and see the new listing. We have also carefully compared and analyzed the results produced by Sirius with authoritative sources. The extreme effort that we put into ensuring that Sirius is technically accurate, flexible, easy-to-use are reasons why astrologers who work with Sirius are invariably impressed and delighted.


Vedic Tables
Shad bala, upagrahas, bhava arudha, special Lagnas, and sahams are just some of the information that can be listed.

Muhurta, panchanga, marriage matching, sarvatobhadra, and dosha analysis
Many of these features are implemented very so thoroughly and clearly that some Vedic astrologers are amazed when they see this and are surprised with the level of refinement and precision that is provided.

Krishna Paddhanti (KP) system
A beautiful, simple, and clear presentation of information for KP astrologers is also available in Sirius.